April 4th, 2009


Dear Savvy Business Owner,

When it come to bringing in customers and increasing your sales, there’s a secret that most copywriters don’t want you to know. They pretend that it doesn’t matter but secretly they’re so ashamed they don’t even want to talk about it with other copywriters.

“My go-to-guy”

“Mason’s copy is so darn good and produces such consistently impressive results that even if he were a grade A jerk he’d still be the my go-to-guy when I need someone to write for me. Mason will increase your sales and make you money so stop staring at your computer, pick up the phone and call him right now”.

Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad

What’s the secret I’m talking about? You may already have sensed it when you worked with another copywriter or when you looked at someone else’s website or sales letter. You were disinterested and completely unimpressed but you weren’t able to put your finger on why. The product might have looked good or the copy may have seemed snappy but it just didn’t make you want to take out your wallet and buy.

That’s because most copywriters have never actually sold anything. They’ve never stood in front a customer and exchanged their product for cold hard cash or had to get someone to sign on the dotted line. They haven’t ever moved someone from a browser to a buyer. A wet behind the ears teenager sweating out his first day on the sales floor already has more practical experience in what it takes to transform a potential customer into a satisfied customer than most copywriters could ever hope for.

If you want to increase your sales and make your marketing truly successful it’s essential that you avoid these sales sheep dressed in copywriter’s clothing. So, with that in mind, ask yourself these important questions:

Have you ever hired a copywriter only to pay your good money for useless advice and fancy buzzword heavy jargon that did nothing to truly make your business more successful?

Are you sick and tired of watching people with an inferior product rake in the cash while you struggle just to attract customers, let alone get them to buy?

Do you wish that you were not only getting more customers but that they were coming to you with their wallets already open just clamoring to give you their money? Wouldn’t it be nice to have customers coming to you already pre-sold so that the only work you have to do is take their cash?

Are you worried about the effectiveness of your current marketing or stressing out about how to sell a new product? Either way you’re wasting your valuable time and energy worrying about marketing rather than focusing on the needs of your business. You aren’t a marketing expert; you’re the expert on your business and it needs your attention. Imagine marketing solutions that took the crushing weight of worry about your marketing off your shoulders and allowed you focus on what you do best.

Why the name WordMason?

The easy answer is that I deal in words, my name is Mason and having people try to spell WordRabinowitz seemed like too much trouble. There’s more to it though, I like to think of myself as a mason (who instead of building large strong buildings out of many smaller bricks) instead constructs strong compelling marketing by putting together lots of individual words. Each brick, or word, might not seem important to the final product but every one must be carefully chosen and placed or everything falls apart.

Do you think of where your business will be in a few months or years from now? What do you imagine? Will you be in the same struggle to attract new customers while you’re desperately clinging to your dwindling returning customers or will you do something to insure that never have to worry about where your next sale is coming from?

Well, if you’ve decided you want to avoid the brutal mistake of crossing your fingers and hoping customers will somehow stumble across you or even worse giving your hard earned money to a copywriter who doesn’t understand (even if he wanted to) how to give you what you need to succeed–you’ve come to the right place.

There’s an old expression: “Copywriting is salesmanship in print.” Yet most copywriters have never bothered to learn anything about actual salesmanship. And whatever they might know, they got from the pages of a book. You don’t master the secrets of making a sale from staring at the pages of a book …they come from looking your customers in the eyes.

I’ve spent over 10 years mastering the subtle secrets of direct face-to-face selling. Then I spent 2 more years painstakingly translating those secrets to work in written form producing a truly unique system that you can put to use right now to bring in the customers you want and make them want to buy from you again and again.

These secrets Of Face-to-Face Selling Will Bring You Not Just More Customers But More Of the Big Spending Ready To Buy Customers You Really Want. These Secrets Will Make You Money! Read on…

Here’s just a small sample of the ways that these secrets will turbocharge your business and make your marketing work as hard as you do . . .

  • Tap into both the reason people say they buy things and the real secret reason they won’t even admit to themselves.
  • Learn why knowing your business backward and forwards could be keeping it from moving forward and might even be taking it backwards.
  • With his glasses on, nobody can tell nebbishy bumbling Clark Kent from Superman. With my simple “Glasses Off Technique” your marketing will transform from weak and mild mannered to bringing in sales like a speeding bullet and bending customers like steel.
  • Anticipate the excuses a customer will raise to resist making a purchase, even after he says he’s going to buy, and make them work for you.
  • Elevate your business or product from a simple commodity or service into an Ideal that taps into your customer’s noblest intentions and deepest sense of self so that your success becomes important to him.
  • See how something as simple as walking through your business’s front door can give you a new and vital perspective and how applying “Front Door Theory” to your marketing will keep you from making costly mistakes.
  • Insure your customer is so satisfied with his purchase that he’ll rush home to tell his wife, his parents, his neighbor and his boss about you.
  • Avoid the simple mistakes of most marketing material that does nothing but frustrate your employees and keep them from making sales.

Unique Selling Proposition

You can sell to anyone but you can’t market to everyone.

I’ll work with you to determine what makes your product/service unique and who your ideal customer is? Then we’ll craft a strong message targeted directly to them rather than watering things down just to reach people who aren’t right for what you’re selling in the first place.


I’ve literally been around direct marketing my entire life. My father was the president of a direct mail consulting company, and since I was five he’s been teaching me the tricks and tactics that made him so successful. At bedtime he’d tell me stories and secrets from the old time ad men who’d taught him. I would watch him deconstruct the mistakes in bad marketing that some other marketing guy had been paid big money for without getting results.

My dad would call them Know Nothing Do Nothing Letters because the writer didn’t know anything and the letter didn’t get the customer to do anything.

Then he’d walk me through the basic, but often overlooked, fundamentals he used to build a successful letter. He didn’t stop there, though. When the results came back he would go over his own letter with the same ruthlessness he employed on the Know Nothing Do Nothing Letter because, as would tell me, “You don’t ever get great at marketing; you just keep getting better.” Well, my dad was a great marketer and I learned a lot from him. But as I began to seriously study the teachings of modern marketing gurus I kept feeling that they were missing something.

It wasn’t until I came back to marketing after over 10 years of working successfully in direct face-to-face retail sales that I understood what had been missing. None of these so called marketing *experts* have ever actually sold anything to anyone. They only spoke to other marketing experts to hear what a good job they were doing or to business owners to tell them what they were doing wrong, but they had never ever actually spoken to any customers let alone had to look them in the eyes and make a sale.

When marketing material doesn’t produce sales, the copywriter has already pocketed your money and moved on to his next client. It’s different out on the sale floor. Trust me, knowing your boss is looking on with a potent mix of contempt and disappointment as you flail desperately to keep yet another customer from walking out the door without buying anything teaches you very quickly the difference between theory and practice.

Nobody ever tells copywriters why their material didn’t work. They have to rely on trial and error, learning on your dime, but I’ve been there. I’ve heard directly from my customers why they weren’t buying anything that day. You can bet I tweaked my message accordingly and sold them the next time. These techniques are already tried, tested and ready to be put to use for you.

“Now I understand”

“Out of the foggy dark chaos of cyber-hell Mason Rabinowitz emerged as an angel of light. I just came up #3 on google for the new tablecloth line. I can’t believe it, #3 in the whole world! Now I understand how to promote online.”

Liza Clayson
Metaphore: European Home

I’ve watched bad marketing decisions made by people who never set foot on the sales floor put a world famous brand out of business when even the part time girl on the register could have told them what was going wrong … if they had been willing to listen.

I understand how to take the harried mother and her screaming children who “only came to browse” and turn them into a happy family leaving with bags bursting with merchandise and thanking me for the privilege of the experience.

I’ve also done fundraising for political campaigns and, while I won’t say who (because as Michael Jordan said “Republican’s buy sneakers too”), I will say that getting people to buy from you is nothing compared to the challenge of convincing them to give you money for nothing. That is, until you understand that the secret of campaign donations is selling an *ideal*. Then it’s like taking candy from a baby. I can turn your business into an *ideal* that will get you more customers who make bigger purchases and look forward to becoming repeat buyers.

I’m not a frustrated novelist. I’m not doing this while I try to sell my screenplay or get rich with my online copywriting course. If you wanted *art* you would have gone to a museum–this is about getting real results for your business.

I’m a small business owner myself. I understand the unique challenges you’re facing and can help you overcome them the same way I’ve helped not just other small businesses but also my own.

You need someone who will take the time to talk to you, research, and understand your business. You’re not going to get cookie cutter copy, and you’re not going to get half baked results.

I want to talk to you. You’d be surprised how many copywriters are white knuckle terrified to have a real conversation with you. They’re introverts who would rather deal with a computer screen than a person. That’s fine if your customers are robots, but I’m more interested in the messy emotional reasons people make decisions and using those (with robotic efficiency) to convert customers.

Let’s get this out of the way, I’m NOT the copywriter for you if…

  • You’re selling anything illegal or harmful … I’ll let you take the karma hit for that one, thank you.
  • You’re trying to sell something with false claims or promises … honesty and integrity matter and the bottom line is that lies are never the best way to sell something.
  • You’re selling junk … just because I can sell ice to Eskimos doesn’t mean I should or would even want to.
  • You’re not serious about your business … because I am take my business and my client’s success very seriously.
  • You don’t believe marketing works … I know it works, my satisfied clients know it works and I’d rather spend my time making them money than defending my craft.


You’re probably imagining that that this uniquely personalized and highly effective marketing is going to cost you a fortune. Well, I won’t lie to you … there are cheaper options out there, copywriters who keep prices down by taking on clients in bulk and turning out a worthless generic product or part timers using your marketing to stroke their egos. If you go that way you won’t just be wasting your money, you’ll be throwing away a valuable opportunity take advantage of proven techniques to improve your business and make you more money.

“Saved me time and money.”

Mason’s copy is compelling, effective and sharp as a pin. But I’m most impressed with the clarity of his analysis. Each time I’ve called him in on a project, he’s quickly pointed out a key issue that I didn’t see. He’s like a mechanic who can tell what’s wrong with an engine just by listening. He knows business. He knows how to communicate. And his insights have saved me time and money.

Ross Grant
creative director

Fluency Creative

The real question isn’t how much is this marketing going to cost, it’s how much money is it going to make you? Because I understand that the goal here isn’t to give you a sales letter or website just so you can show it off to your friends and family … it’s to produce a unique representation of your company that will bring in customers and sales again and again and again, long after you’ve made the smart decision to get in touch with me and take advantage of the secrets of face-to-face sales.

Why am I so confident you’ll be successful?

  • Because marketing advice and sales material I provided helped a new business to business start up sign a major deal with the largest company in their field.
  • Because I’ve helped a store owner, who was so afraid of the web that they didn’t even have an email address, become a savvy online retailer.
  • Because when a copywriting master recently needed copy for a personal project he had me write it for him… and was thrilled with the results.
  • Because all you have to do now is take a take a deep breath, give me a call and invite me to join your team.

Look, I know the economy is sinking faster than the Titanic but if you’re thinking of cutting corners with you marketing, or even worse stopping it all together, in order to save money, you might as well just take off your life vest and jump straight into the bone chilling water. I’ll show you how your marketing can be a lifeboat that not only keeps you safe and dry but has others fighting to come on board with you. Just don’t wait until your business is rusting on the bottom of the ocean.

Or if you would like to get started even sooner, just pick up the phone and give me a call at the number below. I’ll be happy to talk to you about your business and, time permitting, I’ll give you a free critique of your current material with real practical advise you’ll be able to use right then to give your marketing a caffeine like jolt.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to talking with you and explaining how my marketing experience can help your business. Even if for some reason you decide not to hire me, you’ll still leave with valuable insights to improve your business and I’ll know I’ve helped another small business avoid tragic mistakes and get on the right path.

To your continued success,

Mason Rabinowitz
Word Mason Marketing

P.S. Beware the copywriter who says he has no problem taking on your project at anytime. He’s either short on clients, and you have to wonder why, or he doesn’t care about being so busy that he can’t give you and your project the time and attention it deserves. I only take on a limited number of clients and projects at a time to insure that your project gets the personal focus it deserves. This means that my schedule can fill up quickly, so if you want to bring the secrets of direct face-to-face selling to your marketing please don’t wait until I’m fully booked and can’t help you. Contact me now.

You can either complete the form below or even faster just give me a call.

P.P.S. Don’t take a chance on a Know Nothing Do Nothing Letter that wastes your money and drags down your business with each person who sees it. Work with someone who understands the secrets of face-to-face sales and wants to give you the satisfied feeling that only comes from achieving higher and higher sales totals day after day.


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